Drawn to Detail

More artists who do amazing detailed drawings…

Mark Powell
Mark Powell using envelopes and beautiful biro ( found via 'thisiscolossal.com')
Chuck Close and his hyperrealism drawing - sourced from http://blogs.walkerart.org/visualarts/category/from-the-archives/
The amazing and macabre Laurie Lipton ... see her website http://www.laurielipton.com
After by Paul Cadden - graphite pencil A1 size. See more of his artwork at http://paulcadden.com

Apart from their technical skill what makes these pictures interesting is the subject and the pose. The same skill can be found (more or less) in  the art work trailing along any tourist route in Europe  – with pencil drawings of pop stars, football players, rock stars, dogs and other popular themes… holiday souvenirs diguised as artwork, seen as you walk along the Left Bank or browse through Trafalgar Square an other hot spots.

Thank God some people put their talents to good use and try to explore something else than plain portraiture.

Armed only with a simple pencil, some charcoal or a biro artists can blow your mind..


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