Winter Animals

the hunt little face

Scottish born Hannah Haworth showed this lovely knitted sculpture installation at Union Gallery, Edinburgh in 2010.

Union Gallery also have a blog you might like to look at )

Scotland is her where Hannah was born and she studied in Edinburgh, but she also grew up in the Mangyan tribe of Mindoro Island, Philippines.  Hannah’s work contains some of the traditional craft techniques of the island. Hannah is now based in New York.

The Hunt - Hannah Haworth

Hannah has a facebook page and a website if you want to see what she has been getting up to more recently, and if you are a lover of Frozen Planet and other animal documentaries you will love this… not for the squeemish 🙂

Find out what knitted animals eat at lunchtime in their natural habitat! 

Hannah is also a member of Ravelry – a free website for knitters and crocheters.

The Hunt - Hannah Haworth . Oak, Steel, Yarn, Alpaca & Untreated Sheep Fleece, 2.5m x 1m (Approx)


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