Made to Exchange – join in the fun

The Made to Exchange opportunity is closed for now … we’ve just completed our first exchange (February 2012)

Dappled Sky will be looking for friendly folks who would like to be part in our next exchange of handmade gifts or artwork. So, if this idea tickles your fancy then please read on and email Dappled Sky with your details and we’ll keep them on file until the dates for the next exchange is announced.

You don’t have to be a professional maker. It could be a photograph that you send to someone, a drawing, some knitting, sewing, paper, wood, wire, painting, anything you think would be lovely and wouldn’t cost you too much to send to someone.

It’s simple to register in Made to Exchange. You just email the following information to … and then when we start our next exchange we will send you instructions about what is happening and when. 

“Send Your Seven Secrets” …

  1. My name is …
  2. My email address is …
  3. My blog address is … ( or social media link where you will share your gift news – you need to have an online page somewhere, it makes life easier at this end if we can see a link where you will eventually post the photos and news about what you receive)  
  4. I think the best thing about what I make is …
  5. My favourite materials/ art medium/ artforms to work in are …
  6. My favourite colours are …
  7. My postal address is … ( Your exchange partner will need to send your exchange gift to somewhere …. please give us a valid address wjhere you can collect your lovely exchange from)

You will be partnered up with another makers or artists who has sent in their details too. 

Read this article to see what happened during the last exchange

  • Dates when your items need to be posted and other tips will be announced closer to the next exchange event. For now , just register by email and await further instructions … this message will self destruct in 3 minutes !!!!!

🙂  x Deborah @Dappled Sky


4 thoughts on “Made to Exchange – join in the fun”

    1. Thanks , hope your knitter friend joins in … the more the merrier. I’ve shared your bookmarks project on my facebook page – Good luck with it. My envelope is going in the post on the morning 😀 very excited ( it’ll be like Christmas all over again!)


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