Unit Twelve

Saturday was a foggy cold grey day – the fireplace at home seemed very inviting! We decided to take a trip out to Unit Twelve at Tixall Heath Farm, near Stafford.

We get lost every time we go there – but that just adds to the adventure!

I wanted  to have  a browse around the  current exhibition Jennifer Collier has put together called “The Ties That Bind”, which runs until 28th January 2012.

It showcases a series of arty aprons. All using various approaches, some are quite conceptual and others focus more on the embellishment techniques. The little descriptive cards inside the lovely little “Hanging Pockets” were worth reading, they gave us some insight to the makers process.

This was my favourite apron on display. Michelle Holmes “An Apron for Isabella Bird.”

Although beautiful in itself and with the intriging use of sunlight and photographic techniques to pattern the fabric, the back story written on the card added to the beauty. I adored the embroidered horse pictures and the colours, the rough style and delicate negative images, produced by sunlight. For a few moments I imagined the life of  a lady explorer in the 1800’s venturing into America – and when I got home I found out more about Michelle’s muse – Isabella Bird

We loved the ceramics on display by Stoke on Trent based potter, Karen Shapley. Good suggestion for beautiful handmade Christmas gifts, if you are on the hunt fora special present.

Thank you to Jen for the cups of coffee and sharing all your latest lovely, lovely  news! There’s always a warm welcome at the farm. Click here for more info about Unit Twelve – exhibition dates, workshops and directions. 

So you don’t get lost!


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