The Cultural Sisters

“Entering through the metal gates of The Bradwell Works, into the yard of an old Victorian factory site, with dark brick workshops and crumbling woodwork, I can see faded paint metal staircase leading to Unit 2. The sky is very atmospheric, with the silhouettes of birds circling the steely-grey skies, screeching and searching for a morsel to scavenge. As I climb the fire escape I watch a bonfire burning beneath me, in a metal drum.

It’s like arriving into The Thunderdome.

Should I be worried about what lies behind the door of Unit 2. I slowly push it open … “


For the full write up of my adventure you can read this article  with more photos from my recent visit to the meet Cultural Sisters for a yummy lunch.

Cultural Sisters, carnival costume makers extraordinaire, arts and health creative gurus and downright nice folks.

Weather report – cold and bleak. Hospitality report – warm and tasty!

Studio life

2 thoughts on “The Cultural Sisters”

    1. No problems Jacqui … they said they had a great time and they were inspired to get back and try some new techniques – so that’s positive feedback indeed.
      I’ll correct your name spelling while I’m at it 🙂

      Hope you like Dappled Sky and maybe you can share it with some of your friends.

      If you want to send me some information about you and your workshops let me know so I can put something on the site, even do a telephone interview or studio visit if you are interested.
      Deborah 🙂


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