BCB – We’ll Meet Again?

Figures by Craig Mitchell shown at Potteries Museum and Art Gallery

The BCB draws to a close this weekend, so I thought I’d share the last of the images stored up on my camera. So glad that we managed to get over to see  “Stick Up” at Airspace, where we write our secrets on pats of wet clay … and another visit to the Potteries Museum and Art Gallery , before it was too late. It’s been a great festival  – so much to see – I’ve not seen it all, it’s a shame I didn’t get to see “Memories of Spode”  by Darren Washington.

Memories of Spode by Darren Washington. Photograph of projection display taken by Kim Graham 11.11.2011

There is talk that  the British Ceramics Biennial will feel more present for us in the interim years with other small events workshops etc taking place between now and 2013. So whilst the organisers pack away the crocks and hoist the huge lumps of glazed clay off the factory floor, I hope we’ll all be keeping our programmes as mementos, looking forward to the next time.

BCB – We’ll meet again ?

In Stoke on Trent ?

Let’s hope so.

Naughty but nice! Ceramics depicting naughty priests by Philip Eglin
(Foreground) Peter Lewis's poignant contradictions of childhood and warfare and (background) Stephen Dixon's phrenology ceramics
Katherine Morling's perfect needles
Katherine Morling's beautiful memories of an eye surgeon

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