Made to Exchange

We would like to hear from friendly makers, photographers, artists etc … would you like to be part of a friendly exchange of handmade gifts or artwork? You don’t have to be a professional maker and you don’t have to spend a fortune. It could be a photograph that you send to someone, a drawing, some knitting, sewing in vintage fabrics, something made of paper, wood, wire, ceramics , a painting … anything you think would be lovely to receive.


To participate in Made to Exchange …


Please email the following info to before  Wednesday 8th February 2012:


  • Your Name:
  • Your Email address:
  • Your blog URL or social network link (like facebook) where you will share a photos of your gift news : 
  • Tell us the best thing about the things that you make:
  • Your favourite materials/ art medium/ artform:
  • Your favourite colours:
  • Your postal address:

Rules of the Exchange:

  • There is no price range – just use your judgement, please send something of quailty that you would expect to receive something well made, thoughtful, but it could cost zero materials.
  • Make friends – I’ll try to match you to people who sound on your wave length , so you might make a new friend
  • Fill in the questions and send to the dappledsky email address.
  • Please share this post – the more participants there are in the exchange the more fun we will have, more variety of gifts and even new friendships in other countries – how exciting is that.
  • Package things well and think how long it will take to arrive – it would be a shame to receive a smashed gift or something that goes mouldy etc.
  • Stick to the exchange dates please so the exchange runs smoothly.
  • Play nice! – make it a nice gift to receive. Please be  thoughtful towards the other person in your exchange , they may’ve taken quite sometime making your gift.
  • Share news of the gift you received on a blog or social media site –  with photos,  so we can all feel jealous about your lovely gifts.Dappled Sky and the author take no responsibility for the items received, the condition of packaging, damage etc or for exchange partners pulling out of the exchange last minute.


Wednesday 8th February 2012This is the last day for any emails,  Send to Before 11pm UK time. Remember that by sending the email you are agreeing to take part in the exchange and agreeing to pay for the postage of your gift to the other person ( They may live in another country)

Tuesday 14th February 2012 – I’ll let you know who your exchange partner is (how romantic!) and what they like, you might want to make something to their tastes, or you might just like to send something you’ve made already.

Tuesday 21st February 2012 – Last day to post your exchange.

Through out March 2012Share your news. What did you receive? Post on to our own blogs with a link to dappled sky or email me some text and a photo and I’ll share on here.


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