In the Hive

If you were lucky enough to get a seat at the Harvest performances in Northwood Park at the weekend ,  by B arts  these scenes will bring back warm memories, from the moment you walked into the bowling green, the scene was set by a wonderful sparkling tree bedecked with knitted patchwork and covered in baubles containing hopes and dreams from local people – all pulled together by artist Rachel Grant.

It was a moving story of a broken family that eventually remembered, when it was all too late, how they once laughed and shared around the kitchen table. Under-pinned by the tale of the struggling bees across the world, we were delighted by the Staffordshire honey sauce on the pudding,  loved the ceramics and burning hives by Martin Brockman and his fellow ceramicists,enjoyed the  warmth of a burning fire and gently cupped our hands around handmade terracotta cups filled with spiced apple drink… we danced, we laughed we even cried a little bit maybe.

Lets explore more bee-autiful things…

  • Take a look into Q Cassetti’s honey inspired album – beautiful imagery
  • Get poetic with Carol Ann Duffy‘s latest offering “The Bees” ( ISBN 9780330442442  Publisher – Picador )

  • Snuggle down with a gritty kitchen sink drama from the 60’s – get on the sofa with a cuppa and Rita Tushingham  in the vintage classic “A Taste of Honey” 

( Oh should’ve said –  Don’t watch this clip if you’ve not see it before … it’ll ruin the ending. oooops!)


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