Boys like knitting too!

photo by Paul Nicklin
photo by Paul Nicklin

Two unlikely lads went for a cycle at the weekend and happened across some knitting on gate posts. Judging by the route they took on the Falling Leaves Rough Ride, it looks like they stumbled upon the  knitterati in Staffordshire Moorlands.

photo by Paul Nicklin
photo by Paul Nicklin - see reflection in window!

If you too like to see a bit of guerilla knitting, yarn bombing – call it what you like , basically knitting in unusual public spaces – then why not pop along Northwood Park this weekend and see what Rachel Grant and her happy gang of fellow knitters and crochet folk have been up to lately! (28th & 29th October 2011)

If you arrive at just before 7pm you might still be in time to buy a ticket to get inside the main tent for a special theatrical show including a homemade hearty meal full of Autumnal warmth.

This special two night event is called “Harvest” and is staged by B arts .

For more information or to book tickets in advance, to avoid disappointment, call the booking line on +44 (0) 1782 717326


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