Your View

How often do people look up and enjoy the colour, the weather, the trees, the sky, the architecture?

There are great things to see, but we spend so much time looking downward, probably thinking of our worries, mulling over mental lists of things to do, places to go, people to see, what has to be done, dashing about hither and thither. Well , stop it!  Look up for a minute, and admire the view.

Many city centres are dreadful, grey dull places. Well that’s what we are told. To be honest , if you wait 5 minutes for a bus in Hanley bus station then you don’t need more proof!

But not everywhere is dull and dreary. If you tell people a place is dull for long enough, people believe you and they feel dull too. I stood in that bus station for 5 minutes the other day and had to leave, it was depressing. I left , went and admired Wilko ( yes Wilko!) I came back 20 minutes later and felt OK.

If something is awful …don’t waste your time there,  life is too short. Wait for a bus at the next stop further up the road and look at something else. Something you  think is beautiful. One person’s trash is another person’s treasure.

Things to admire in Hanley near the bus station …

You could admire the  70’s arches of the “Zarka” restaurant arches above the bus station… but why not go outside and look at other things, away from the stinky noisy buses and shouting people.

Wonderful Wilko! Anybody know anything about the Wilkinsons building, on Stafford Street, Hanley ,Stoke on Trent ? or the designer of this tile frieze ? Are they Minton tiles?  I’ve always admired it  – it’s so wonderful. Retro chic.

I know this building was C&A years ago, before then it was going to be the town library  – way back in the 60’s. The current library site was built on Bethesda Street so the library was moved there.

The Bethesda Street library building is fab too, it is based on a design from the 1920’s in Denmark/ Sweden/ Norway???  Can anyone clarify? I was told about the connection years ago when I worked there. It is listed on a Beautiful England website. (That’s where this photograph comes from –

My favourite bit is the ceramic frieze around the mezzanine balcony, inside the City Central Library – it is fantastic.
Anyone got a photo of it? It looks like something from a 60’s sci-fi film or James Bond film.

Plus this building – the old Harvey’s pub – it’s got  a fab roof.

Looks like it is in Paris, near Place De Vosges , or somewhere else – rather than up Hanley duck!

You don’t have to be an architecture expert to appreciate your own view of the world.


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