Ceramic Effect

More British Ceramics Biennial news…

A few more pieces of beautiful artwork from the festival


B arts had another really busy ceramics workshop weekend at The BCB (15th&16th Oct)- over 67 people took part in hands-on mucky clay activity. There were lots of happy faces and lots of excitement about the forthcoming B arts event called Harvest. The ceramics created at the workshops will become part of Harvest the show. For more information about the Harvest show and how to book a ticket check out B arts website.

The workshop participants were in the middle of a busy hub-hub,  as happy clicking Chinese visitors for the Province of Zibo took a tour of the site and exhibition. The visitors had specifically come to see the Spode site and BCB exhibition due to the exhibition they are currently hosting in Surrey about ceramics from their own Chinese history and current industry.  This exercise was a diplomatic exchange regards the ceramics industry in Stoke on Trent and in Zibo and ideas for the future – or at least discussion and cultural exchange. Accompanied by MP Tristram Hunt, Stoke on Trent Council officers and dignitaries  and Directors from the BCB – everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves with teas serves in Burleigh ware and photographing the exhibits  (plus photographing the customers in the café and the workshop participants) – life became art for a moment!

Participants were also interviewed by Chinese television company.  It was all quite bizarre and lovely at the same time.


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