Unusual creatures

Imagine seeing these animals on your sleepy seaside beach…

(link if the vid doesn’t play)

Theo Jansen, the inventor, gave a presentation at the TED talks in California in 2007 – see into the mind of a creator and how he believes these plastic tubes really are new lifeforms – new creatures. These wonderful creatures are also captured in lovely photographs by Loek van der Klis – and on the inventor’s website – Theo Jansen.

Theo Jansen had worked on these ideas for 16 years before this video was presented in 2007. Perseverance is worth it –  if you have something to tell. He proudly says “5000 years after the invention of the wheel, we have a new wheel”

My fear is that ideas that were formed for pure invention or for the ‘human good’, will be abused. His wonderful, kinetic sculptures, with such playful technology and inventive minds will evolve into warfare,  tanks, robots and mass destruction. The heavier versions look like this, you can imagine them in a sci-fi film.  A car advert has probably used them already!

Oh dear  –  I am in a happy mood this morning!


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