First Wedgwood, then Ford, now Steve Jobs

That’s the amazing title of an article by Stephen Bayley in today’s copy of THE TIMES. Well I obviously had to read it. About 30 minutes ago I was sat in Cafe Nero ending my day with a coffee and triple chocolate muffin , chilling with their free newspapers and I spotted that.

In the midst of all the Steve Jobs tributes on the television and pages on pages of opinions about the legacy that he has left behind and the visionary that he was. This article had local resonance for me and something we should be proud of in Stoke on Trent. Rather timely  as the British Ceramics Biennial is happening in Stoke at the moment.

The most twittered phrase yesterday  was on the lines of “The 3 most important apples that changed the world – one that Eve ate, the one that fell on Newton’s head and the one that Steve Jobs built.”

If Josiah Wedgwood had been alive at the time of ‘twitter’ do you think there would’ve been a site meltdown? I wonder if there would’ve been vigils outside the Barlaston factory or on the site of the Ceramica Time Team dig in Burslem? Bouquets left at the statue outside Stoke train station? A twitter site crash – which was almost happening yesterday as it buckled under the weight of tributes flooding in for the American techno genius.

Bayley brilliantly said  ” The Model T Ford changed the way we travel. Apple has changed the way we think. But there is a better comparison than Ford. The Bay Area may be different to Burslem, Staffordshire, but Jobs was its Josiah Wedgwood. He was someone who fully realised the technological, commercial and artistic opportunities of the moment.”

All hail Joe and the Potteries – Silicon Valley of the 1700’s !

What 140 character tweet would have hit the twitter feeds  for Josiah Wedgwood?


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