Old and New

I was struggling with a new line in birds this morning in the studio and feeling a little lack- lustre. As I was looking around the room ( distracted rather than searching for inspiration!) I came across this paper brooch that I’d started to make a few years ago and had left to be continued.

I fell in love with it again. A Fairytale World.


A few nights ago, just as I was nodding off to sleep with my head on my pillow, I heard our local owl. I can’t tell you how much I love that sound, it’s so magical and ancient. Perhaps the owl brought this brooch back to my attention.

I can now see it in a new format and will be incorporating it with ceramic to become an interior design item rather than a fashion accessory. I think it could be the start of some new and exciting work.

Sunshine and Pottery


Hey folks, how you doing? Just thought that we would share a few photos from studio activity over the last few days.
Our little porcelain birds have been popular and we’ve got more ideas for new birds too – especially after we went to see a film about a local witch named Molly Leigh ! It was shown as part of the Stoke Your Fires Film Festival in Stoke on Trent , which is now in its 7th year. So look out for news on those darker birds soon. ( sound intriguing???)
Paul has been busy this week making a special commission for a friend which is quite detailed and has been an interesting project for us, to see it developing.
Anyway in a general note – the weather has brightened up over the last week … Hurrah! … and everyone seems that little bit chirpier, which is great. It’s brilliant what a little bit of sunshine can do. I spent a while watching two hawfinches in the garden this morning who were obviously feeling the benefit of Spring.

See, we just can’t get away from those birds can we! Catch up again soon x



Beautiful Birdies

Hope you are having a great day, the sun is shining and it’s lovely day here – a sign that Spring has sprung. We’re heading off to the pottery bench again this afternoon but thought that we would send you a little update on the birdies.

birds in th hand

Some of the birds left the nest last week, how fantastic – thank you if you were one of the folks who made an order. :) We still have some available – which is great news if you thought that you had missed your chance, because we only made 30 little birds in our first batch. If you are looking for a different gift to give for Easter presents then why not think about our little birdies… or just treat yourself!


They are still a sweet little £2.50 each. Great value for such a high quality, porcelain, handmade gift. During the making process each bird has been fired twice in the kiln and each received a touch of yellow or orange glaze on their beak and a shimmer of clear glaze in places to pick out the details. They are packaged individually and presented beautifully, so they make a lovely present.

We have had to revise our prices on postage though. It’s not as cheap as we first thought to send something by post these days! So we had a little surprise when we sent some birds to their new homes last week! The postage costs now starts at £2.50 (UK postage) but that covers you for a maximum of 3 birds, so you could order 3 little birds and have them delivered to you for just £10, which is a great price really.

Each little bird is unique and handmade with love and attention to detail in Stoke on Trent, the home of The Potteries.

Each one looks lovely sitting on a shelf as an individual lone birdy, but we think that they look great arranged in groups too.

Just email Deb and Paul at dappledsky1@gmail.com if you are interested in buying some, while we still have some in stock. Have a lovely day.


Bedtime and Birdies

Been busy this evening, boxing up some birdies before bedtime, ready to be delivered tomorrow.

The packaging is quite special and we don’t want to give too much away – a nice surprise when people open them.

There are still some birds looking for a new home, so get in touch if you are interested.

Good night and sweet dreams from this little corner of the UK.




A Bird in the Hand



We’ve been hatching the cutest little porcelain birds at Dappled Sky HQ. It’s been hard to part with some of them but one sweet little birdy flew the nest last week and has now landed India. We’ll have to see if he can send us a photo of his travels! He has flown a total of 6229 miles.

Another little birdy has left us to live in a home full of real live chickens. I’m sure she will make life long friends with her new feathered pals.

We are happy to announce that a new flock, clutch, batch of birdies will be hatching next weekend. ( ETA Saturday 1st March 2014)

If you would like to own a little birdy when they hatch, you can ! ☺️

They only cost £2.50 each.
Postage costs:
For between 1-3 birdies
UK £1.50
Rest of the world £3.50

Each bird is handmade by us, here in The Potteries, Stoke on Trent, England. We individually model them by hand from high quality white porcelain and finish them with a little touch of glaze when they are fired in the kiln. They will be carefully packed in protective wrapping when they are posted and a personal note can be added if you let us know the details.

To place an order simply email dappledsky1@gmail.com with how many you would like and we will email you back with how to pay. (PayPal is our preferred payment method and it’s really easy to use, but we can do cheques too if you don’t mind waiting for it to be processed before getting your birdies.)

Orders and payments received before midnight (GMT) 28th February shall be posted on Monday 3rd March.

We are expecting a batch of 30 birds this time, so make sure not to miss out and order early. We will make another batch again soon if demand is high.

If you would like more than 3 birds then please contact us ASAP to discuss prices, postage and delivery times.



The Darker the Better

Dark Tales seems like another exhibition I need to add to my must see list. It’s got some of my favourite makers taking part ( Jennifer Collier, Julie Arkell, Anna Colette Hunt) and it’s curated by Sarah James (www.madebyhandonline.com) and Louise Jones Williams.

It’s located in a part of lovely Welsh Wales I don’t think that I’ve visited before (Torfaen) and the title evokes fairy tales and mysterious stories to unhinge the mind …
with a great big dollop of craft to lure me inside.

What’s not to like.

Dark Tales
March 29th – May 17th 2014
Llantarnam Grange Arts Centre



Making Friends


Been busy making some new little friends today. Aren’t they sweet :)
It’s been a lovely change to play around and get the feel of clay. Can’t wait to start firing some things and seeing the finished result…. Need to get a kiln full first to make it worth while !!! :) So watch this space to see what we make…. I can feel some dolls heads happening soon.