Look Alike

Here are a few photos of a new creation completed a few weeks ago. She has now left Dappled Sky studio and landed with her proud new owner Janice Carol, so we can reveal her at long last. She was made as a soft portrait doll to reflect the style and vibe of her new owner. She arrived safely along with a little book telling her special story too.
If you would like a soft portrait doll making for a friend or relation, or even one made of yourself, then drop us an email for a price list.







Go ahead and Jump !

It’s all about timing! Time to seek inspiration, reconvene, take stock, pull things together, sort the wheat from the chaff, get the ducks in a row and make decisions. In the words of 80’s rock and pop sensation Van Halen … Jump!


It feels like taking a long jump … how long do you keep running before you leap?

We’ve been sourcing ideas for so long, a life time … sketching, discussing, collecting, remembering, pinning on mood boards, playing with materials and stories. It can be frustrating after a while and research can become a life’s work without actually creating any real results if you let it.

Turning ideas and research into an actual things all hinges on not worrying about what will happen, but making it happen.  Worry can be the thief of happiness, with procrastination often laughing in background. So, no more fretting over whether our creations will be popular, or if it’s a waste of time and money, if it’s going to be a success or a failure. If it’s never done, we’ll never know.

Working as a duo, our process relies on each other and because of our day jobs and work patterns, we have limited time when we can actually work together. Some months there is scarce opportunity for this to happen – those days can feel very few and far between. We aim to focus though and get the job done. In a way, working alone and relying on your own set of skills, means that you are in control of your own time and results, but by collaborating and working as a team we have a variety of skills that will create exciting new work, that working alone would not achieve.

Once we make the leap we hope that the landing will be softer than we expect and once we hit the ground, we just need to keep running.


Art Stop – Day Tripper!

This afternoon I’m taking my dolls & brooches for a day trip to the Art Stop. It’s a pop-up art centre in Stoke town centre, used as part of the London Road Festival. Art Stop has staged lots of interesting activities over the last month and it has a really friendly atmosphere …. with Doris serving tea to visitors in her chain cups. It will be  shame to see it close.

If you are local to Stoke today and you fancy popping in to saying “Hello!” please do. You could make yourself a little face brooch too, as I’m taking along some bits and bobs for a mini workshop. I’ll try my best to take some photos during our little day trip and post them up as soon as I can.

ImageWhere is Art Stop? Art Stop is a shop space located on Campbell Place, which is the same side of London Road as Sainbury’s but is further along the street towards the junction where Wetherspoons pub is … it’s near to the Wrights Pie shop and the Red Cross Shop.

How long is it open? Well !!!! Today is the last day unfortunately. So it’s your last chance for now to come in to the Art Stop, so pop along.

If you want to know anymore about the Art Stop project or the space, you need to chat with Chris Reader or check out various social media pages  https://www.facebook.com/rota.art or http://www.christinereader.co.uk . You can also check out London Road Festival website http://www.londonroadfestival.org or twitter feed https://twitter.com/FestivalStoke


New Work – Telling Tales

Here are some new photos from today’s progression the studio. This is looking really promising and I feel really excited about how the new Telling Tales series is developing. Based on childhood memories, stories, fairytales, characters, tales by Grimm and alike.



At this moment, none of the work has been fired in the kiln to fix the glaze, so the colours will all change from what you can see here. I do like the matt, pastel quality of them now, but I’m just hoping I’ll still love them when they become vibrant and zingy colours. The image of Red Riding Hood should pop with a scarlet cape, so it’s quite exciting.

Red _Riding_Hood

I’m so  glad that I’ve eventually started to get these ideas out of my head and on to the actual ceramic. This theme is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time and today felt like the right day to make it happen.


Watch this space for more hand painted and hand stitched Dappled Sky creations called Telling Tales.

Old and New

I was struggling with a new line in birds this morning in the studio and feeling a little lack- lustre. As I was looking around the room ( distracted rather than searching for inspiration!) I came across this paper brooch that I’d started to make a few years ago and had left to be continued.

I fell in love with it again. A Fairytale World.


A few nights ago, just as I was nodding off to sleep with my head on my pillow, I heard our local owl. I can’t tell you how much I love that sound, it’s so magical and ancient. Perhaps the owl brought this brooch back to my attention.

I can now see it in a new format and will be incorporating it with ceramic to become an interior design item rather than a fashion accessory. I think it could be the start of some new and exciting work.

Sunshine and Pottery


Hey folks, how you doing? Just thought that we would share a few photos from studio activity over the last few days.
Our little porcelain birds have been popular and we’ve got more ideas for new birds too – especially after we went to see a film about a local witch named Molly Leigh ! It was shown as part of the Stoke Your Fires Film Festival in Stoke on Trent , which is now in its 7th year. So look out for news on those darker birds soon. ( sound intriguing???)
Paul has been busy this week making a special commission for a friend which is quite detailed and has been an interesting project for us, to see it developing.
Anyway in a general note – the weather has brightened up over the last week … Hurrah! … and everyone seems that little bit chirpier, which is great. It’s brilliant what a little bit of sunshine can do. I spent a while watching two hawfinches in the garden this morning who were obviously feeling the benefit of Spring.

See, we just can’t get away from those birds can we! Catch up again soon x